The Elko High School Choraliers are an approximately 60 voice concert choir.  The Choraliers perform throughout the community during the school year. Each spring they compete in regional and/or national choral competitions.

Choral Competitions attended:

1996-MusicFest Orlando-Orlando, Florida

1998-Heritage Choral Festival-Anaheim

2000-Heritage Choral Festival-San Diego

2001-Heritage Choral Festival-San Francisco

2002-Heritage Choral Festival-Anaheim

2003-Heritage Choral Festival-San Francisco

2004-Heritage Choral Festival-Seattle

2005-Heritage Choral Festival-Las Vegas

2006-National Invitational Choral Festival of Gold-New York City

2007-Heritage Choral Festival-San Francisco

2008-Heritage Choral Festival-Honolulu, Hawaii

2009-National Invitational Choral Festival of Gold-San Francisco

2010-Heritage Choral Festival -San Diego

2011-Heritage Choral Festival -San Francisco

2012-Heritage Choral Festival -Honolulu, Hawaii

2013-National Invitational Choral Festival of Gold-San Francisco

2014-Heritage Choral Festival-Orlando

2015-Heritage Festival-San Francisco

2016-Worldstrides OnStage Choral Festival -Honolulu, Hawaii

2017-Worldstrides OnStage Choral Festival -Hollywood

2018-Worldstrides Onstage Festival at Carnegie Hall-New York City

2019-Worldstrides OnStage Choral Festival -Hollywood

2020-Worldstrides Onstage Choral Festival-Honolulu, Hawaii-cancelled

2021-no competition or travel allowed

2022-Disneyland Performance Workshop-Anaheim

2023-Choral Festival-Forum Music Festival-San Francisco

2024-Worldstrides Heritage Festival-Hawaii

Choraliers Awards 1996-2019

Elko County School District Performance Choir Curriculum


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